Something appeared in the paddock last night…


So, our first, little yarnbomb.

We did it after the pub quiz last night (we won the quiz by the way, thought you would like to know that – £8 each  -Thanks!)

It was quite tricky doing it in the dark at midnight but not many people were about and I’d had a few gin and tonics so it seemed appropriate.   It was quite good fun and a little bit naughty. I had got a bit of a design plan in my head but mostly we just tied them on and hoped for the best.   I had wanted to put the swags in the trees in a Christmas decoration/bunting stylee but the tree was far taller than I imagined and even tall person couldn’t quite reach up there.

Things I  have learned. 1)  Take a non-crunchy bag with you.  Fumbling about in a crunchy bag attracts attention.  2) Having someone with you is essential as you can pretend you are having a good old snog if someone comes along! 3) Check your route for dog poo.  4) Don’t worry about a design, just bung it all on.  5) Be ready to do another one because its fun and addictive!

Many thanks to the tall person Mr Redde Man 🙂





We are going back later to take better photographs and tie on two flowers I found in the bottom of the crunchy bag that got missed.  I hope no one notices.  We are really pleased, we made a tiny corner of Countesthorpe prettier, we were a tiny bit subversive and we mostly hope we make someone smile.



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