I am today, the very proud owner of about 5000 buttons.  They were my great-grandmother’s and have been saved over her life time and then added to by her family over those who came after.  I think 3 generations – my great grandparents, my grandparents and of course, my Mum and dear late Uncle.  The tin itself is beautiful, covered in bluebirds…yes they are in a 4d bluebird toffee tin 🙂  As I am looking through the tin, a few things strike me.  Firstly, the care and attention that my family took in ensuring that every last tiny button was removed and stored.  It might be useful some day.  Secondly, how beautiful some of the buttons are.  Some are clearly hand finished and it seems such a shame that they are stored away in a tin, its not what they were saved for.  I think the thing that most touches me is my sense of generations.  I am going to use something that my great grandma saved, her fingers dipped into that tin, searching for just the right button for school shirt or Sunday best dress.  I was just one year old when she died but I feel very close to her and of course the generation I knew better today.

I have a few plans for some of the buttons, but the majority will stay in the tin, ready to be useful another day.


Granny Great’s Toffee Tin

Inside!  Oh the joy 🙂  It smells of Granny’s house somehow.

Some of the pretties







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